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All Star Septic Services, Inc.

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Septic Pumping

Environmentally Friendly

Routine septic pumping service is the key to maintaining a healthy septic system. Regular septic pumping service will help to identify potential problems that could be lurking under the surface. Our technicians are trained to spot warning signs the home owner would not see.

Line Jetting/Rejuvenation

Light Weight

Over the years your leach field area may develop a hardened Bio-Mat under leach field lines. This can prevent your leach field from leaching water properly. A special cleaning may be suggested in an attempt to rejuvenate the soil absorption system.

Tank Installation


We can help you through the entire process of a new septic system design and installation from start to finish. You can rest easy while we ensure all the proper permits and guidelines are followed. We can design and install large or small septic systems, drain fields or septic tanks.

Infiltrator Drain Field

Custom Clean Designs

The Infiltrator Chamber System is a direct replacement for old-fashioned stone and pipe leachfields installed in a three-foot wide trench. Infiltrator chambers sit directly on the trench bottom Fully customizable to your needs.