Pump Outs


Good maintenance to keep your septic system running is pumping out your septic tank every 3-5 years. Just think of it like doing an oil change on your car every 3-5000 miles for maintenance, Its the same with pumping out your septic tank. If there is 1-2 people in the house no more then 5 years if theirs more then 2 people in the house every 3 years

Line Jettings/Rejuvenation


 We Specialize in line jettings.Line jetting is the process of cleaning and clearing pipes using water from a specialized nozzle at a knife-like pressure level. you can have a main line blockage from the house to the septic tank that would cause a back-up. Just like you can have a clogged line in you house, the drain field lines do get plugged up every 15-20 years.A Rejuvenation is more cost effective rather than having to replace the whole septic system. Rejuvenations should only be done once durning the systems life spa



The average lifespan of a drain-field typically lasts 20-30 years. A drain field works through a simple process. The perforated pipe receives the effluent (waste from the septic tank) and distributes it among the aggregate and as it trickles through the aggregate the soil receives the effluent. The soil will filter out the harmful bacteria and reintroduce it back to the water table.  Its very important to keep up the maintenance on pumping out the septic tank so you can prevent premature failure or your drain field.

Septic Filter Cleaning


 A Septic Filter is installed in the outlet of a septic tank and helps prevent anything other than liquids from getting into (and potentially clogging) the drain field. The slots are small enough that it allows the liquid to pass through while the larger solids will remain. This outlet device should be serviced once a year,  Without regular maintenance of the outlet filter, sewage could back up into your home. Slow drains and gurgling noises coming from your plumbing system are indicators that your septic tank needs a good cleaning and some routine maintenance. 

Septic Inspections


When buying a home that is on Septic you should always have a septic inspection to make sure that the system is still functioning properly. You don't want to purchase a home and not be able to flush your toilets due to a system that has failed; leading to another big expense to replace the system.  

Dosing & Pump Tanks


  A dosing tank (or pump tank) is an integral part of any pumped septic system like a mound system.It is a tank(built like a septic tank ) that contains one or more effluent or sewage pumps & controls. Like any mechanical devices they can fail over time, (for example) act of nature (lightning). We replace pumps, float switches, alarm boxes & any services that are required or needed for your dosing tank.